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Thursday 31 January 2019

Some New Old Timey Music

Photograph (c) Erica Chambers Photography

I hope shortly to have some time to be able to give some brief feedback on the three recent gigs that I have attended.
Until then here are a few lines about the support act at the Karine Polwart and Kris Drever with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra concert at the King's Theatre

The Local Honeys are a bluegrass duo from Kentucky. Linda Jean Stokley plays  guitar and fiddle and is from the Blue Grass Mountains with banjo player Montana Hobbs hailing from the foothills of the Appalachians. They were the first females to graduate with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Traditional Music from Morehead State University.
Although their music is traditional and they have the utmost respect for their culture and history they also come across as somewhat left field highlighting such things as environmental concerns and their female role models.
At a concert in Cork an audience member exclained - you sing like angels and play like devils.

Given there choice of genre it is highly unlikely they will ever make the big time and they will probably struggle to scratch a living purely by making music.
They come across as two young ladies who are good at and who enjoy what they are doing and who seem genuinely excited to have the opportunity to travel to foreign shores to ply their trade. They even went as far as taking a selfie of themselves and the audience for their Moms back home.

They have recently  been touring in  England but if you are north of the border and quick you can catch then in Falkirk tonight, Inverness on 1st Feb, Ullapool on the 2nd and Aberdeen on the 3rd. You will be guaranteed a good night out.


  1. Yes, nice take on this standard which I've been hearing a lot elsewhere recently - must pay more attention. Another good version is from Radie Peat & Daragh Lynch also on Youtube (This Ain't No Disco). Probably picked it up somewhere via one of your music blog chums - it wasn't you was it?