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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Double Initials - AA

January finds me scrabbling around looking for a new series or two. One or two finished up in December and this time of the year is always a difficult time for inspiration and motivation.
Fortunately George has offered up the State of the Union series.
I think I may have come up with another - artists or bands whose name contains double initials.
I can probably cover most if not all of the alphabet so we will see how we get on.
Unlike State of the Union this one will be alphabetical..

Therefore we start with A and the first artist who sprang to mind was the mighty  country soul singer Arthur Alexander a man who has featured a couple of times before on these pages.
The only other artist I could come up with who I have stuff by is Adam Ant.

A quick glance at the Guinness Book of Hit Singles gives us Alisha's Attic. I tracked down a song of theirs Indestructible on a compilation (the one I featured yesterday) but decided to spare you.
I'm happy to report that I own nothing by Angry Anderson. 
I'm open to other suggestions.
BB next week

Arthur Alexander - Soldier of Love

Adam Ant - Dog Eat Dog


  1. Great idea. So BB. Well there is Bobby Brown obviously. Baby Bird. Beastie Boys and Beta Band. I'm all done now.

  2. Other than Billy Bragg obviously.

  3. Bad Brains, Bhundu Boys, Beach Boys, Big Black

  4. Splendid idea for a series. Two great series in one week, what a great blog you do. Who is/are Angry Anderson?

    1. Lead "singer" of Aussie heavy metal band Rose Tattoo

    2. He sang the wedding theme from Neighbours when Scott & Charlene got married. It was called Suddenly.

      A child of the 80s...

    3. That was the one featured in the Guinness Book of Hit singles. His only one

  5. Serge Gainsbourg wrote 'Initials B.B.' for Brigitte Bardot and also recorded some wonderful songs with her. 'Contact', 'Harley Davidson' and 'Bonnie & Clyde' to name but three.
    Double Initials is a great idea for a new series, but I can't believe that you didn't jump at the golden opportunity to feature a free-jazz workout from Albert Ayler in this first instalment.

  6. Great idea! I could only think of Annie Anxiety from the whole Crass anarcho-punk scene I was once enveloped in, and sadly it all makes me feel rather old and rather miserable. So much prefer your choices!
    As for B's - I can go for one better than a BB and offer a BBB in the form of Bobby 'Blue' Bland! (Song choice would have to be 'Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City')

  7. Adele's surname is Atkins.

    Amy Allison

    Did Arthur Askey ever have any hits?

    As for B...

    I suppose BB King doesn't count.

    Baby Bird?

    Barnaby Bye (Northern Soul)

    Bessie Banks

    Betty Barnes

    Betty Bibbs

    The Big Bopper

    What about Bill Bailey's duet with Billy Bragg?

    Bob Bain

    Bobby Bare

    Bobby Bloom

    Boz Boorer (Morrissey's guitarist)

    Brendan Benson!

    Brook Benton

    1. Sorry. I didn't realise how many I'd typed until I hit publish.

    2. Did Arthur Askey have any hits? Only one of the greatest songs of all time! I grew up listening to my dad's '78 of The Death Watch Beetle b/w The Baa-Lamb. One of my Desert Island Discs (Vol 46 in fact)

  8. My library is very different to yours as you know, so the first name that came to mind was Betty Boo. Were you never caught "Doin' the Doo" CC - Probably not.

  9. What have you started? I will resist the temptation to bombard you with suggestions, suffice to say I have a couple of tracks by Chinese folk-pop sensation Xiang Xiang if you need them.

    1. your post on Jan 7 (Arnaldo Antunes) seems to have inspired this series

    2. That is very kind of you to suggest that, but I suspect the truth lies closer to home. After all, the man himself is known by two identical initials.

  10. CC, your challenge for the Bs is to come up with artistes not mentioned above.

  11. Baba Brooks, Ballistic Brothers, Big Black, Blake Babies, Blizzard Boys, Blues Brothers, BMX Bandits, Bollock Brothers, Bronski Beat, Butcher Boy ...

  12. What a great idea for a series. Here's my two penn'orth. Billy Bremner (no not that one but still another Scot!) Loud Music In Cars and Love Is Stranger Than Fiction. Beau Brummels, has someone already mentioned Bhundu Boys? Can you count Bang Bang Machine and Be-Bop Deluxe?