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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's 2013

Today a post title and a CD which both first featured on this day in 2017.
Mojo: Presents 2013 The Best of the Year was the first CD I picked up in 2017 and one of the last I picked up in 2018.
Yup I've done it again - buying something I already  had.
Still all is not lost as it solves at least one puzzle that being what was the name of that song by Bill Callahan and where can I find it.
It led to the purchase of a Smog EP and I then obtained a Bill Callahan CD via a circuitous route
I make no apologies for featuring it again.

The CD also includes Victim of Love by the great Charles Bradley who sadly died in 2017 and Please Make it Stop from the album The Invisible Way by Low so it was good to give it a spin again before returning one copy to charity.

Bill Callahan - The Sing

Charles Bradley - Victim Of Love

Low - Just Make It Stop


  1. The most shocking thing is the realisation that 'The Invisible Way' was released nearly six years ago - if asked to guess, I would've estimated three, tops. Bloody hell. What a marvellous album it is though.

  2. Bill Callahan has magical powers - he just slows. time. down. Always a joy listening to him. That voice. Basso profondo, I believe, if you want to be all poncey about it, although you get the feeling he's not the sort of artist to suffer poncey fools gladly.

    I love that line "The only words I've said today are "beer" and "thank you"". There was a time in my life when that was me. Not anymore though, no sirree, no indeedy! That track is off Dream River incidentally. Well worth a listen.