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Sunday 13 January 2019

Jackie Leven Said

Following Drew's recent post of a live version of The Ghetto I was playing A Donny Hathaway Collection with a view to featuring the late great man.
However the CD was playing up so it looks as though I may well have to fork out for the 5 cd boxset after all. It's a hardship I can live with.

The next random disc to go on featured another late great artist in Kirkcaldy's Jackie Leven with Elegy for Johnny Cash. on Cooking Vinyl  from 2005
The post title is the name of another album he released that year along with Rebus author Ian Rankin.  which is a story of the same title read by Rankin with musical interludes from Leven. One I don't have and have never heard.

Contains a late entry for Rol's Top 10 Museum Songs

Jackie Leven - Blue Soul Dark Road

Jackie Leven - Museum of Childhood


  1. It's well worth the price Stevie

  2. You can pick up a copy of the double CD for £2.74 (delivered) on a certain bay at the moment. As well as the Rankin/ Leven live show, the package also features three new studio songs "The Haunting of John Rebus", "Edinburgh Winter Blues" and "Linseed Oil" (those three also slid out on a wee promo CDEP). Well worth getting a copy of the album. Treat yersel!

  3. I have a couple of Jackie Leven albums and keep meaning to seek out more. Thanks for the prod.