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Saturday 5 January 2019

Joan As Policewoman

The final purchase to feature from my last charity haul of 2018 is To Survive by Joan as Policewoman which is her second album from back in 2008 on Reveal Records in the UK (and Cheap Lullaby in the US).

The non de plume of one Joan Wasser an American artist and producer. Yet another artist whose name I was more familiar with than the music although checking back I see that she featured briefly in my Burnt Offerings series (number 26 if you are interested). She also got a name check recently for having produced the Lau album The Bell That Never Rang which I posted as part of the Monday Long Song thing.

I knew she was indie but was pleasantly surprised in that it was a lot more mellow and soulful than I expected. Mrs CC was particularly taken with her voice. The second song here features Rufus Wainwright an artist who you could easily compare her to.

A good find.

Joan As Policewoman - To Be Lonely

Joan As Policewoman - To America


  1. Is this your new Saturday series - Joans vs Policewomen? Not sure how long you will be able to string that out for, but this week I'm voting for policewomen

    1. next week Joan Sims vs. Juliet Bravo?

    2. Joan Collins versus Cagney & Lacey. I'd watch that.

    3. Me too. Or how about Joan C vs Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect?

  2. To America is a very fine song indeed. Put me in mind of Sufjan Stevens

  3. I saw Joan vs Policewoman at the QM years ago, can't remember who she was supporting. She was okay but a bit boring over a 30 min set

  4. I think she's done quite a bit with Rufus. I'm pretty sure she supported him when I saw him live a few years back.