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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Double Initials - CC

The one that you have been waiting for - CC does CC
Again a myriad of suggestions from you clever folk. I'd selected my three choices in advance and they were all among the ones suggested.
So in the order I had written them down.

First up Charles Caldwell yet another Mississippi Hill Country bluesman discovered late in life by Fat Possum records. One of the 50 or so suggestions from Rol. From his only album Remember Me released posthumously in 2004

George correctly guessed Chris Cacavas  erstwhile sideman to the likes of Green On Red, Steve Wynn and Giant Sand. Here is a Mott the Hoople cover from his excellent 2002 album Bumbling Home From the Stars

Finally C came up with a CC. Here are China Crisis with Black Man Ray. A band my pal Raymie once saw in a pub in Largs

Next up DD. I've jotted down my choices. Let's hear yours

Charles Caldwell - Movin' Out, Movin' In

Chris Cacavas - Sucker

China Crisis -Black Man Ray


  1. Deathray Davies. Diblo Dibala. Django Django.

  2. Dave Dudley, Don & Dewey, Doris Duke.

  3. There are no China Crisis tracks in the music room. It will be staying that way. Charles Caldwell, though, that album is Going On The List

  4. Remember Me is now off the list and on the shelves (well, the laptop, waiting to be burned)

  5. All I can think of at the mo is Manchester band Dislocation Dance.

  6. Wot about Doris Day? Surely the most famous DD?!?!?

  7. I wonder if I have Charles Caldwell in my collection because I've downloaded him from you? Have you featured him before.

    DD to me, being a Marvel Comics fan, will always be Daredevil. However, I'll see if I can come up with another 50 suggestions... give me a second...

  8. Desmond Dekker. And, back from his recent operation, Dan Druff on harp

  9. David Dundas

    Darwin Deez

    Dave Dudley (Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!)

    David Devant (& His Spirit Wife) Excellent forgotten indie band.

    David Duchovny (The X-Files bloke sings... not as bad as you might think.)

    Debbie Dean (Don't Let Him Shop Around is a great answer song to Smokey)

    Derek & The Dominoes?

    How come nobody's mentioned Desmond Dekker yet?

    Dick Dale ("Everybody be cool - this is a robbery!")

    Dicky Doo & The Don'ts (God knows where I got that from.)

    Dr. Dre

    The Dresden Dolls (Amanda Palmer's first band)

    Erm... Duran Duran?

    I'll get me coat.

    1. I stand corrected - Ernie jumped in with Desmond Dekker while I was compiling my list.

  10. Sorry bit late to the party this week. The only DD you will ever need is Dan Deacon.

  11. Danielle Dax, Das Damen, David Dondero, Desperate Dave, Dobby Dobson, Don Dixon.

    Alas George beat me on Diblo Dibala and I can only hope one of his will be amongst your choices, Stevie!

  12. Wish I was called Dobby Dobson.

  13. I did not, George:

    A great compilation, by the way. And Dobby's tune is not the worst by any means ...

  14. 16 comments and no one has mentioned Dave Davies!! In the shadow of Ray without doubt but he's written several great songs.