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Saturday 19 January 2019

Double Initials -BB

Well last week's post fairly caught the public's imagination.
Over 30 suggestions for BB which would make for a terrific playlist.
I'd made my choices in advance and they all feature.
With regards to George's challenge to feature acts not mentioned the only name I can come up with is Big Bill Broonzy.

Like C the first one I thought of could potentially be a triple B. We start with B"B" B namely Bobby "Blue" Bland. Sorry C but Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City is clearly not absolutely essential given that it does not feature on my Bobby "Blue" Bland - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection

Early bird SWC identified my other two choices.Billy Bragg ( who could also qualify as the Bard of Barking) is busy building Bridges Not Walls whereas the Bhundu Boys  are talking about the happy and enduring life of a musician

Any yes Dirk had I anything by the Ballistic Brothers or the Bollock Brothers they would have more than likely featured.

I've got my C's sorted. over to you for your suggestions

Bobby "Blue" Bland - I Pity the Fool

Billy Bragg - Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted

Bhundu Boys - Hupenyu Hwangu


  1. I've got a Bollock Brothers single. Must dig it out.

  2. 1. Ain't No Love is essential. It's track 1 side 1 of Dreamer.
    2. Would Bard of Barking be BoB and not double B?

  3. Carlene Carter, Clarence Carter, Chris & Cosey.....Ok, I don't honestly expect to see the last of these suggestions next week, but I reckon I'm in with a fighting chance with the first two.

  4. Just a thought, does 10cc qualify?

  5. A great treble bill for the BBs.
    Trying to think of CCs - do you have anything by China Crisis, Cutting Crew or Celia Cruz?!

  6. Chris Cacavas, Caitlin Cary, Culture Club, Cab Calloway,

  7. How about one of your own home recordings, CC? Or failing that, Chubby Checker

  8. I know he's not hip, but Christopher Cross has done some fab pop songs.

  9. Here are the votes fron TSOBO cloud control cold cave Carl Cox Cath Coffey Chapel Club Chrome Canyon and best of all Crystal Castles.

  10. BB was much easier, I must say! Also: what a shame that The Swede beat me on Clarence Carter: wonderful suggestion!

    Cannibal Corpse, Cath Caroll (she of Miaow), Chin Chin (from Switzerland and most fine, I suggest 'Why Am I So Lonely'!)

  11. I second many of the above. What's unmentioned from my library?

    Cassius Clay? Oh yes...

    Charlélie Couture

    Charles Caldwell

    Charlotte Church (we are a broad church in this house)

    Chas Chandler

    Chris & Carla

    Chris & Craig

    Chris Christian

    Chris Clark (this one:

    Chris Cornell

    Clem Curtis (The Foundations)

    Clifford Curry

    Colbie Caillat

    Colin Clary

    Cosmic Camel (one for The Swede)

    The Crew Cuts

    Cut Copy

    WAIT - has nobody mentioned Counting Crows???

    You realise I could have written three of my own blog posts in the time it took me to do this?

  12. How about Cha Cha Cohen (they do exist, I have albums by them!) Will you allow CCS as in Tap Turns On The Water? If so that gets in Creedence Clearwater Revival. Finally for MicroSoft Excel users there's Cooper Clarke, John