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Monday, 14 January 2019

A Cosmic Storage Solution

I'm beginning to experience an acute storage situation.
Plenty of room on the vinyl shelves but the CD's are a different story.
The indie/pop section is totally full which necessitated transferring my three Cosmic Rough Riders CDs to the Americana section. Having said that two of the three gaps have already been filled.

There is really only one Cosmics album that you need and that is the excellent Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine record from 2000. Thereafter main man Daniel Wylie left to go solo and things where never quite the same again.
I've featured that one a few times before so here are a couple of songs from the 2003 album Too Close to See Far which has Stephen Fleming at the helm.

Cosmic Rough Riders - Justify The Rain

Cosmic Rough Riders - Blind


  1. A band I really like, I saw them in concert ca. 2005. Post Wylie, of course. Good start to the week.

  2. What a fine band they were, even post-Wylie.

  3. I'm having the same storage problems which has necessitated something of a cull of CDs I never listen to. Only trying to keep the classics / essentials. Even then, I need two full bookcases. I should hang onto them because come the CD revival in 10 years time (when all the 1p CDs that are out there today have been melted down to slag), they'll probably be worth something.

    1. If I culled all the CDs I never listen to then I would have loads of room.
      But what then would I feature here when I'm stuck?
      The blog encourages me to dust them down and give them a listen every 5 years or so!

    2. I started my cull 6 yrs ago (A-Z style) when I retired and I'm only as far as the SMs (Smiths just finished Smog next) in my collection. But with about 400 more still to go (not counting circa 250 V/A CDS) I reckon I've another 3 years before I get to the end. That doesn't include the couple of hundred or so I've accumulated in the time I've been culling which sit in a different pile! These sort of numbers may suggest I'm boasting but really it's a cry for help!! Still, I have off-loaded a couple of hundred to charity since I started. Good luck with your slimming down!