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Friday, 4 January 2019

Guadalcanal Diary

This one is down to Brian
Guadalcanal Diary are a band I first heard of  courtesy of his blog when he featured their song Watusi Rodeo. A couple of their songs subsequently featured on the now legendary Hoboken to Athens compilation CDs by kevinpat.

Brian is on record in saying that he considers Jamboree their second (of four) album from 1986 on Electra as their poorest.
I was not however going to turn down an opportunity to pick it up at a reasonable price among the usual dross in the vinyl section of Oxfam in Clarkston.
A band from Atlanta in Georgia you can see some obvious comparisons with  their near neighbours from Athens R.E.M. Given that this was from when R.E.M were very good this is no bad thing.
Allmusic gives Jamboree 3.5/5 which is probably just about right.

If this is their worst I wouldn't mind hearing the other three

Guadalcanal Diary - Fear of God

Guadalcanal Diary - Lonely Street


  1. Coincidentally I listened to the fantastic 'Hoboken to Athens' CD's again in the car on me way to work and back just a few weeks ago. What a treasure it is, to be sure! So, thanks again for it, kevinpat (and Brian)!

    1. I've been listening to it ever since I got this album Dirk as you will see shortly ....

  2. The evidence is in. There is nothing wrong with Jamboree. I’m the problem. Found that out from readers the last time I said it was their worst. Truthfully, though, if you find them on your travels, don’t pass up any of their records. My personal favorite is 2 x 4, but they are all quite good. Glad you found this one.

  3. And where is Kevinpat, you might ask? I do t know. I have reached out to him a couple of times but never heard back. I hope he is ok. Quite a collection he put together for us.

  4. This is the first of theirs I've heard. Really liked the first track. As you say similar to R.E.M but...another to add to my wants list.