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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Return of Saturday Lucky Dip #2

I seem to have made a rod for my own back with my self imposed rule of  posting artists who have not featured before as part of this series.
It may prove problematic.
For example I plucked out Gimme Danger an Uncut compilation. 10 out of the 16 artists had featured before and the other 6 were not much cop.
A different story with Stereotypes another Uncut compilation this time from November 2016. Conor Oberst and Acid Arab featured last time out.
This time round we start with Australian chanteuse Julia Jacklin with Pool Party taken from her album Don't Let The Kids Win. One I have a copy of but it is still working it's way through the production line before gracing the shelves.
The Frightners sound like The Delphonics go Rocksteady. From Queens in New York they are on the mighty Daptone level so quality is assured.
More random nonsense next week - maybe

Julia Jacklin -Pool Party

The Frightnrs - Nothing More to Say


  1. Both great on this rainy afternoon, thanks CC.

  2. I kept meaning to buy that Julia Jacklin album but never got round to it.