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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus

Wrong- Eyed Jesus (The Mysterious Tale of How I Shouted) by Jim White was not part of my haul from last Saturday (see yesterday's post) The reason? It already graces the shelves.
Next to it was another CD attributed to Jim White this one being entitled Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.
Needless to say this had me somewhat intrigued.
Turns out that this is the soundtrack to a 2003 documentary about the American South where Jim White drives a souped up and beat -up Chevy Impala through a hard-scrabble underworld of Pentecostal church,trailer park,coal mine, prison and truck stop,where the secular and the spiritual are joined at the hip.
It was duly purchased,
The documentary  was commissioned by the BBC and I have a vague memory of maybe having seen it on the BBC 4 Friday Night slot. One I think that I would probably like to watch again.
As well as Jim the soundtrack features the likes of Cat Power, David Johansen, Doc Watson,  the Handsome Family and Johnny Dowd.
As the last two are not exactly a laugh a minute I shall spare you today and rather will share Cat and one from the man himself (not that they are that much cheerier).
Also you are getting  the opportunity to hear Amazing Grace being played on the saw by Melissa Swingle.  Not something you  hear everyday.

Beautiful, dark and weird stuff indeed .

Cat Power - Crossbones Style

Jim White - The Wound That Never Heals

Melissa Swingle - Amazing Grace


  1. I adore both album and film. All of his work is interesting, but for me, TWTNH is his finest 4 minutes. Thanks a lot.

  2. It was also, fairly certainly, where I discovered the glorious universe of the Handsome Family.