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Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Return of Saturday Lucky Dip

The Chords

Until I come up with an original idea here is the return of Saturday Lucky Dip.
A series where a random compilation is selected and a couple of tracks featured.
Where possible I will aim to feature artists who haven't graced these pages below,
The Mojo October 2005 compilation Made in Britain has featured before when Steel Pulse and The Redskins were selected.
This time round  we go down a division and start with Deptford mod revivalists The Chords with their second single from 1980 Maybe Tomorrow which reached number 40 in the UK singles charts. They were active from 1978 -1981 which the obligatory reformation in 2010

They are joined by Nottingham post punks Medium Medium with their 1981 single Hungry, So Angry released on the Cherry Red label.Similar timescales 1978-1983  and then from 2004 onwards.

I don't recall either of  these from first time round.

More random nonsense next Saturday unless anything more original springs to mind.

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow

Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry


  1. That Medium Medium tune has 1981 written all over it and I enjoyed it a great deal.

  2. Me too, it's da white postpunk funk.

  3. I'm liking so many of your latest musical choices, CC - Xray Spex, SLF and now these - all take me right back to Peel and first gigs and college and cutting bits out of the music papers - punk, post-punk and mod revivalist, it's my misspent youth in a nutshell!

  4. Yes and yes! Both of these are outstanding. Mojo did a nice job with this one.

  5. ... the latter was played in Nice 'n' Sleazys when we all were there, Stevie!

  6. ha ha ... yes, you're right, of course!