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Friday, 6 April 2018

Another Reasonably Impressive Haul

On Saturday, on my way back from the barbers, I popped into my local charity shop and came away with 6 CD albums and a CD single for £3.50. My best one off  haul for a while.
The majority was Americana so I may space it out a bit rather than subject you to it all at once.
It is rare that you see a Mekons record in a charity shop but on this occasion I came away with not one but two- an album and a single. Just about doubling my Mekons collection in one foul swoop.
I'm featuring the single today. From 1993 Millionaire is off the I Love Mekons album and is  rated by Stereogum as their 8th best song.
The live song was recorded for the feature film Mekons - The Movie.
More Mekons to follow.

Mekons - Millionaire

Mekons - (Sometimes I Feel Like ) Fletcher Christian (live)


  1. Mekon's Millionaire is a great track. Mekons stuff is hard to track down even in 'proper' shops. Who is this enlightened fellow/lady I wonder who keeps dropping decent stuff in your charity shop? I wish he lived in the towns where I shop - Sheff/Manc - these are big connurbations for heavens sake. Time after time I rifle through the Oxfam, BHF, Age UK etc racks and find nobut the same boring predictable old crap every time.

  2. I obviously need to look in charity shops a little further north.