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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Carla J Easton

I'm off to Nice and Sleazy's tonight to see Carla J Easton. Two gigs in five days -what am I like?

She will be promoting her recent single Lights in the Dark and the forthcoming Wanting What I Can't Have . Both are likely to feature on her album which will be the first  recorded in her own name following previous outings with Teen Canteen and as Ette.
The Sunday Post , not usually renowned for having it's finger on the pulse, gives details here
With a bit of luck she will also feature Best Friend a song she co-wrote with Stewart Murdoch and sings on Belle & Sebastian's How to Solve Our Human Problems Pt 3 EP.

I saw her last August in The Old Hairdressers and she was excellent. More of the same tonight would be most welcome.

Oh and bis were brilliant on Saturday night. Nice and bouncy.The absolute bisters.

Carla J Easton - Lights in the Dark (Piano Version)

bis - Euro Disco


  1. I'd love to see Carla in any of her incarnations, but unfortunately she's yet to venture this far East! Enjoy the show.

    1. I think she played Manchester and London recently so she is getting closer!

  2. A very talented young lady. After much coaxing from you guys, I enjoyed the Ette album very much. This one goes all Kate Bush, which is lovely.

  3. The Sunday Post filling in the gap left by the NME's demise I see. Glad you enjoyed Bis, a great live act.

    Enjoy tonight!