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Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Como Mamas

Some gospel for you today courtesy of The Como Mamas.
Thanks are due to our good friend George for bringing them to my attention
As the name suggests Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor and Della Daniel hail from the small Mississippi town of Como.
Yet another act discovered by the Daptone Record label they have released three albums all of which are available from Bandcamp
These tracks are taken from their 2017 album Move Upstairs where they are joined by numerous Daptone stalwarts backing them as the Glorifiers Band to deliver some raw and glorious gospel.

I want to go to Como.

The Como Mamas - Out of the Wilderness

The Como mamas - 99 and a Half Won't Do


  1. "As the name suggests...". It may suggest that to cosmopolitan types like you who have heard of "the small Mississippi town of Como", but i thought they were a Perry Como tribute act. I was delighted to discover they aren't, though.

    1. They are one of the acts at the world music festival here this year.

  2. Now that’s an act worth seeing, George. The blog has been on fire, CC. Great stuff this past week.

    1. Kind of you to say so Brian.
      I'm sure it won't last!