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Monday, 16 April 2018

The Horses Are On The Track

I'm quite chuffed that Tiger Roll won Saturday's Grand National.
The reason? I had it in the office sweepstake and stand to win somewhere between 30 and 40 quid!
I caught the end of the race on the radio and it sounded quite exciting.. I then saw the finish on the news on the telly and it was pretty close. Another couple of strides and the second horse Pleasant Company would have got there.
Mrs CC suggested going out for something to eat with my winnings. I was thinking of buying some records myself!
Here are some loosely associated acts to commemorate this notable event.

Grand Drive - A Ladder to the Stars

The National - Mr November

Tiger - My Puppet Pal

Mott the Hoople - Roll Away The Stone


  1. MrsRobster also had Tiger Roll in her work sweepstake and won the princely sum of £25. She splits everything with her boss, mind (they're BFFs) so I don't doubt it'll be spent on cake...

  2. Lucky you - I had vowed not to watch the race again after a horrific fall by the favourite a couple of years ago (which led to his demise) but we ended up in our daughter's work sweepstake. None of our horses finished.

    If it's not already been spent on records, would recommend you take up Mrs CC's idea of going out for a meal - Our other halves do really well in humouring us with our blogging habits I think, so it sounds as if she deserves it!

    Lots of song choices with that win.

  3. Saw the heading and spent the rest of the day trying to remember the track the line comes from - finally last night BAD's Bottom Line popped into my head

  4. "Mrs CC suggested going out for something to eat with my winnings. I was thinking of buying some records myself!"

  5. Just thought of one - Win Place or Show, She’s a Winner by the Intruders.

  6. Like most things with a Diamond on it my horse finished well down the field I think.

    Records. When I won 240 quid on Seagram in 1991. I was in Glasgow the next week and blew about half of it on records and the other on denims and a shirt from Hoi Polloi

  7. Oddly enough, this coincides quite nicely with the post I'm running tomorrow.

    I promise I didn't just come here tonight to plug my own blog, even though it might look that way.