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Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Bottom Line

On Monday Friend of Rachel Worth correctly identified that the post title The Horses Are on The Track was taken from The Bottom Line by Big Audio Dynamite.
It wasn't a competition but there is a prize.
A chance to listen to a 7 minute plus version from the US Remix 12 inch single re-mixed by Rick Rubin no less in the years before he resurrected Johnny Cash's career.

At the time the band led by former Clash man Mick Jones did not need their career resurrected as both tracks (BAD being the b-side)  were taken from their 1985 debut album This is Big Audio Dynamite which reached number 27 in the UK album charts.

Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line

Big Audio Dynamite -BAD


  1. "A chance to listen to a 7 minute plus version"
    here goes........

  2. BAD garnered some serious East Coast US airplay back in the days when I wetbacked my trade over there(85-88). I remember seeing them at The Channel and The Metro in Boston. I think they supported The Pixies at The Channel!

  3. NYC fell in love with The Clash in 1980, after The Clash had fallen in love with NYC. After things went south for the band, BAD was the lucky recipient of much of that leftover affection.

  4. Got this one too, buddy. Both sides a favorite... then and now.