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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Inflammable Material

It's time to turn up the volume a bit today with veteran Northern Irish punk rockers Stiff Little Fingers who appear on these pages for the first time.

When putting X-Ray Spex back in the Punk/New Wave section Inflammable Material their seminal debut album from 1979 caught my eye and I thought it was time to give it an airing.
The more astute of you  will point out that 78RPM is not on Inflammable Material  and you will be right but it is a bonus track on the CD version I have along with an interview with Jake Burns.

They are still going strong and play Glasgow's Barrowland every St Patrick's Day -a gig I know that Drew has attended on a number of occasions.

A splendid racket altogether.

Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device

Stiff Little Fingers - 78RPM


  1. I was only digging around for a particular SLF track last night. It wasn't either of these, but they're very welcome all the same.

    1. Which track Swede? And did you find it?

    2. It was 'Gotta Gettaway'. I was looking for my 'Nobody's Heroes' LP, but it was mis-filed. Found it, eventually!

  2. Great album SLF
    Here's Johnny Was from the 15th anniversary St Pats Day Barrowlands CD.
    Strangely this was not included in the setof the 25th Anniversary gig, the vinyl of which disappointingly didn't catch the atmosphere of an SLF gig at the Barrowland, it is really flat

  3. A favourite album of the time - just couldn't believe the speed and power of Suspect Device, still sounds incredible today.

  4. I've always thought that Jake Burns has the truest Punk sneer in his voice.

  5. English friends played me 'Alternative Ulster' in 1980. I couldn't understand a single word. We played and stopped the cassette tape a line at a time until they could translate Burns' thick brogue for the whole song.