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Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Obligatory Doubler

The final holiday purchase features today and it is the obligatory doubler.
I felt I had dodged that bullet with my system to avoid purchasing duplicates from the Blues Collection but obviously not.
I picked up Untamed by Heather Myles in Newton Stewart. Now I knew that I had two of her albums and that one had a picture of her in a cowboy (or cowgirl )shirt and hat - that would be Highways and Honky Tonks
I couldn't remember what the other cover was like. That'll be it above.

The majority of the album is maybe  just a wee bit too mainstream country for my tastes although these two songs with a Patsy Cline type sound to them are pretty good.The first is one of her own compositions and the second is a cover of a Marty Robbins song.
She has released five albums in total so I had a 60% chance of avoiding a doubler. Needless to say I failed miserably.
Not to be confused with the former Lady McCartney

Heather Myles - When You Walked Out On Me

Heather Myles - Begging To You


  1. Can I suggest that you had a 75% chance of avoiding a doubler? That first Heather Myles album is too good to be forgotten, what more can I say?

    1. I agree with that George. 'Highways and Honky Tonks' is a great record. None of her other stuff that I've heard quite matches it, unfortunately

  2. "Rum and Rodeo" was the first Heather Myles song I remember - taped from an Andy Kershaw show. "Lovin' the Bottle" from the debut album was also a favourite.

  3. Country music's a rum old genre isn't it. I played maybe 50 secs of both your posts and dismissed them immediately as risible maudlin' trash yet, even at that moment I was thinking, Hang on, I've got similar stuff to this myself that I really like! As I say, I'm conflicted.