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Friday, 26 February 2021

These Times

 I first came across Steve Wynn during his Americana days of the late 90s/early 00's and he fairly quickly became a firm favourite. A couple of his concerts with the Miracle 3 live long in the memory.

This led me to exploring his work with The Dream Syndicate both past and present. I first heard the song Still Here Now on a Mojo compilation called Ragged Glories. This in turn led my picking up the 2019 album These Times which is on the Anti label.

That's how these things work folks

Since their reformation the band have been going down something of a new path dabbling in psychedelia albeit accompanied by the fuzzy guitar of the great Jason Victor with  nods towards the likes of Television and the thrashy Neil Young (Firenote)

I haven't quite gone down the psychedelia rabbit hole but bands like The Dream Syndicate and The Rose City Band have me dappling at the margins and tentatively dipping my toes in the murky waters

An excellent way to kick start your weekend

The Dream Syndicate - Put Some Mile On

The Dream Syndicate - Recovery Mode


  1. Are the murky waters in the rabbit hole or are they two separate things?

    1. That's quite philisophical for a Friday!
      Mixing my metaphors as opposed to myxomatosis?

    2. There used to be a joke to which the punchline was "Mixin' ma toasties". You'll be relieved to hear I can't remember the rest of it

  2. Towards the end of that first track it was beginning to grow on me and that I might investigate Dream Syndicate a bit further and then I thought....hang on....MEMORY haven't got any spare capacity Spence to take on anything else. Does anybody else feel that way? Perhaps you will at my age (37) I realised that my brother-in-law, who stopped listening to anything new post Genesis might actually have a point. I battle on though, always a pleasure never a chore.