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Saturday, 10 April 2021

That Summer! - Side B


Side B of That Summer! the greatest soundtrack album of all time this week and four tracks for you with one act making their CCM debut

The Boomtown Rats appear twice on the the album once with She's So Modern whick appeared a few weeks ago as it is also on The Sound of the City. This time out Kicks the last song from their self titled 1977 debut album gets an outing.

Ian Dury & the Blockheads appeared last week. No apologies for them appearing again this week given that the song is What a Waste, one of Ian's finest numbers.

I've got Jesus of Cool by the great Nick Lowe and So it Goes and 36 Inches High have previously graced these pages. Today it is the turn of I love the Sound of Breaking Glass.

I'm pretty surprised that Richard Hell and the Voidoids have not featured here before. Today they make their belated debut with the magnificent Blank Generation.

I'm not sure yet whether it will be more of the same next week

Boomtown Rats - Kicks

Ian Dury & the Blockheads -What a Waste

Nick Lowe -I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

Richard Hell & the Voidoids -Blank Generation


  1. Blank Generation is magnificent isn't it, such a blast of punk rock derision- 'I was saying get me out of here before I was even born...' Brilliant

  2. Side B is just as good as side A. How many times do we get to type a sentence like that?

  3. As Brian said above, what a B side. Many happy memories of those songs.