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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Trains, Boats and Planes

 Thursday is Irish Indie day on CCM.

Trains,Boats and Planes could very well be the title of a new series (and it may well be some day). It is also the title of a 1992 debut album by Cork band The Frank and Walters on Setanta/ Go Discs. The bulk of the production is from Edwyn Collins with Ian Broudie also getting in on the act.

My favourite track from the album is Happy Busman which featured here fairly recently as part of my Happy Hippy Chick Mix mini-series.

Therefore I've gone for Fashion Crisis Hits New York a track that I had as a single prior to picking up the album. Also attached is After All which you may recognise given that it reached number 11 in the UK Singles charts. You can definitely hear the Broudie influence on this one.

It's not on the album but I'm throwing in a Julian Cope cover for good measure

As the band may say what a hippy dippy crazy world.

The Frank and Walters -Fashion Crisis Hits New York

The Frank and Walters -After All

The Frank and Walters -Elegant Chaos


  1. A comment received from Martin of New Amusement fame which has not appeared here for some reason

    Love The Frank and Walters. Other readers that do may get something out of, which in turn leads to this

    1. Well, that's odd. But thanks for reposting it.

  2. After All is sure up my alley. Thanks.

  3. Brilliant band much under rated