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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The Train Wreck is Behind You

When I replaced New Miserable Experience by the Gin Blossoms back on the Americana shelves after last week's post I noticed that the 2001 album The Train Wreck is Behind You  by the band Gingersol  on Idea Prone Recordings was adjascent to it. Is it was a while since I had listened to it (probably as far back as July 2016 ) I felt it was  due an airing.

Coincidentally Gin Blossoms get a mention on thr blurb on Spotify (lifted from All Music) which states Los Angeles band Gingersol plays delightfully melodic, rough-edged rock that recalls the Replacements, early Wilco, or a more scruffy Gin Blossoms -- but with their own, distinct sonic stamp.

Pop Matters also make reference to Wilco and the Replacements throwing  Neil Young and  the Wallflowers into the mix for good measure

So a lot to live up to and I think they do a pretty good job

Not to be confused with Gingerol ( properly as [6]-gingerol, is a phenol phytochemical compound found in fresh ginger that activates spice receptors on the tongue.)

Gingersol -Where Do I Stand?

Gingersol - Face Up Again

Gingersol -Make It Stick


1 comment:

  1. Not bad tunes, but Gingersol is a terrible name. What is that, an amalgam of ginger aerosol? Ginger parasol? Ginger arsehole?

    That said, GingeRol is even scarier...