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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Some Evil Ways


Martin John Henry is a fairly recent discovery.

I probably first stumbled across him as part of Henry and Fleetwood (with Gillian Fleetwood)as part the the Olive Grove Archipelago EP series

This in turn led me to pop over to bandcamp  to pick up their On the Forest Floor EP.

A chat with Lloyd Merideth the main man at Olive Grove led to me discovering that he had been in the band De Rosa. I subsequently snaffled their album Mend from a Fort William charity shop.

The latest Bandcamp Friday saw me acquiring his 2018 solo album Some Evil Ways You should do so too.

Henry & Fleetwood - On the Forest Floor (Rhiwaddolion)

De Rosa - Sylvia (ft Georgia Cecile & Gillian Fleetwood)

Martin John Henry - Some Evil Ways

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