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Sunday 31 July 2016

Some Sunday Soul

As I do most weekends I visited my mum in her care home last Sunday.
Just outside the cafe area there was a Barnardos pop up charity shop with assorted stuff over two or three tables , boxes, bookcases, etc.
CD section I thought and then a result I came away with The Definitive Ray Charles  46 tracks for 99p
I thought I had it but it was actually another compilation on the shelves so plenty of new songs for me to get my teeth into.
He was a bit of a genre buster was old Ray. The album contains Jazz, Blues , Country , Soul and Easy Listening.
Seeing it's Sunday we are calling it soul although the first song is taken from his 1962 album Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music Volume 2.
The second is his take on the title track from the great film In the Heat of the Night. The way things are going on in America these days if it was aired today people would think in was a documentary.

Ray Charles - Your Cheating Heart

Ray Charles - In The Heat of the Night

A bumper month viewing wise this month with over 3000 hits in the last week from Russia and Mauritius alone.Spam I suspect but if not welcome aboard!


  1. 99p for 46 tracks by Ray Charles? You have a nose for a bargain CC.

  2. I barely broke three figures in July, so I'd love some spammers from anywhere in the world.....

    This CD is probably the greatest bargain in the history of music.

  3. I've had 3000 Russians as well, so I suspect they may be spammers. But no Mauritians - clearly they just share your impeccable taste over there

  4. Atta boy. Nice collection at any price. I'm also seeing activity from a region of the world not known for their indie popsters.