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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I Am a Charlatan

The Charlatans are yet another band which has pretty much passed my by over the years when I was pretty much totally emmersed in Americana.
Now I know that some of  my esteemed colleagues including Swiss Adam and The Robster are huge fans so
 I thought I would splash out 49p for the Melting Pot compilation to see what all the fuss is about.
A Greatest Hits from their time on Beggars Banquet from 1990 to 1997.
I've gone for The Only One I Know their second single and first top 10 hit from their first album Some Friendly  and voted by The Jam Community as their best song.
my second choice is Just When You'e Thinkin' Things Over a 1995 single from their self titled 4th album peaking at number 12 in the singles charts.

My verdict? Not bad at all but a wee bit more on the dancier side of Madchester that I thought they would be.

The Charlatans - The Only One I Know

The Charlatans - Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over


  1. When The Charlatans are good, they're very very good indeed. Also, Tim Burgess is a man of impeccable music taste, as witnessed by his occasional 6Music shows. In spite of all the music business crap he's no doubt had to deal with over the years, he's still, first and foremost, a fan - something I admire immensely. I would particularly recommend Tim's second solo LP, 'Oh No I Love You', an album created in conjunction with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner. Right up your street I reckon CC.

  2. The Charlies have moved with the times. First album, a definite Madchester vibe. This morphed - via some psychedelic experimentation - into a Britpop sound come the mid-90s. Since then there's been some Dylanesque moments ('Us And Us Only'), funk and soul (the amazing 'Wonderland') and occasional smatterings of Americana, gospel and new wave.

    Their only hiccup for me was 'Simpatico' where for some unfathomable reason, they decided to 'go reggae'. It made UB40 sound like King Tubby...

  3. Melting pot is a terrific compilation. Also worth checking is 'Forever' which is pretty marvellous.
    Tim B.

  4. Totally with The Robster re: Simpatico. Avoid. I'd check out the "Us and Us Only" album, post "Melting Pot", it has some corkers on it. But 49p for "Melting Pot" is a bargain!