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Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Shirelles vs The Crystals

The Shirelles

It's competition time today folks in the left corner we have The Shirelles

The Crystals

And in the right corner we have The Crystals

The first two songs on side 2 of the recently featured Forever Mod compilation.
Which one floats your boat the most?
A tough call I'm sure you'll agree.
For me they are pretty even but The Shirelles just shade it solely because of the Benny Hill style background music which sneaks into the Crystals number.
Both quality though


  1. Based purely on these two songs, The Crystals edge it for me.

  2. Oh, I'm just about swaying in the other direction.

    And just in case anyone hasn't heard it there's a great version of Baby It's You by a band called Smith, which Tarantino used in the Death Proof soundtrack. Must feature this on my own blog sometime.


    1. There's also this British band from the 60s who do "Baby It's You". I think they were called Beatles or something.... :))

  3. Actually it may be Burt Bacharach vs Phil Spector. Although I love the song, I always found the "la-la-la-la-lahs" in BIY irritating. The lead is tough and strong but that la-la stuff always sounded like a kid sticking his tongue out. "He's a Rebel" on the other hand has that Wall of Sound grandeur and of course Darlene Love. Both sound like they could be sung in the subway and are tough girl anthems, even though they singing about boys. I love the Shirelles and I love the Bacharach song but "He's a Rebel" has no flaws, so I guess that would be my winner. Although if you stuck "Be My Baby" or "Baby I Love You" by the Ronettes the above is null & void. Those two tracks are grand, strong & definitive. Two of my favorite songs ever. Ever.

  4. We are on the same wavelength. I planned to post She's a Rebel for Darlene Love on Tuesday when she turned 75, but it just didn't happen. If this was a proper ballot, I would go with Kevinpat and write in Be My Baby, but there is no doubt none of us will hear two better songs today than the two you present.

  5. Love them both... but I'm a Shangri-Las man, myself.