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Monday 4 July 2016

Blue Boy

Although the name Ron Sexsmith was familiar to me and I had the occasional track downloaded or on a compilation here and there  it was not until 2011 and his 11th album Long Player Late Bloomer that I finally got round to acquiring one of his albums swiftly following it up with 2013's Forever Endeavour.

A positive side to this late blooming on my part was that you could pick up albums from his back catalogue pretty cheaply - £3 in the case of Blue Boy.
From 2001 it is his 5th album and is on  Cooking Vinyl with production by Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy aka Twangtrust.
Lovely stuff

Ron Sexsmith - Just My Heart Talkin'

Ron Sexsmith - Keep It In Mind


  1. Unless I play Bill Withers' I Can't Write Left-Handed I will not hear a better song than Just My Heart Talking Today. Brilliant. The 2nd track isn;t too shabby either. Sounds like I should get this album

  2. One of Ron's song's features in my (to be posted one day) Desert Island Discs. He knows his way around a piece of pop music like few others and his music means an awful lot to me. He's also a bloody funny fella too.

  3. I wish I was tech-savvy enough to share with you the set I put together of Ron Sexsmith covers. Although the best vehicle for his music is his plaintive, sweet voice. However I always like to hear how a song composition stands up when others sing it. With Sexsmith songs it works beautifully. There's nothing unusual about his songs but that's the charm. His catalogue is rich and some day a bunch of his songs will be considered classic. Nice.

  4. One of the best singer-songwriters out there. I have all of his early albums, including this one, but I have lost track of him in more recent times. There's no excuse. I need to remedy that right now.