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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Namechecked - Donny Hathaway

                                                 I'd rather be at home with a Ray
                                                 I ain't got seventy days

                                                'Cause there's nothing, there's nothing you can teach me

                                                That I can't learn from Mr. Hathaway

Not one but two Soul giants namechecked by the great Amy Winehouse who also was well on her way to giantness when she sadly passed on.
Tempted as I was to feature Ray Charles I have opted instead for Donny Hathaway another tortured soul who took his own life at the age of 33 outliving Amy by 6 years.

I would like to think that Rehab introduced Donny to a whole new audience but sadly I suspect that that probably wasn't the case

Two true talents taken far too soon
More namechecking next Saturday


  1. It's been awhile since I heard Amy Winehouse's voice. It will always grab my attention and stop me in my tracks. Her nod to "Mr. Hathaway" is as noteworthy as his own incredible contribution to the sound of soul. Nice, CC. Thanks.

  2. You almost flummoxed me with this one...then I remembered A Song For Donny by The Whispers.

    Rehab is much better though!