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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Namechecked - Patsy Cline

I hear the ghost of Patsy Cline on the Grand Old Opry Show

A couple of Americana acts today paying homage to the late great Patsy Cline.
First up are Canadian band The Guthries with Patsy Cline from their 2000 album Off Windmill. I thought that I may have previously posted this one before but apparently not.
I know I haven't posted the Golden Age of Radio by Josh Ritter (from which the above quote is taken) before as it only came to my attention when I featured another of his songs namechecking Townes Van Zandt
And finally the First Lady of Country herself Virginia Patterson Hensley.from 1961 two years before her untimely death in a plane crash at the age of 30.

The Guthries -Patsy Cline

Josh Ritter - Golden Age of Radio

Patsy Cline - She's Got You


  1. That Patsy Cline song you've posted is, quite simply, fantastic. Well done!

  2. by the way, I seem to be able to play tunes easily now on this new google-thing you're using.

    1. Good to know.I'm going to stick with it for a wee while

  3. As George says, that Patsy track is absolutely brilliant.

  4. Josh was my first thought this week.

    And then... another Amy Rigby song (one of my favourites, too): The Summer of My Wasted Youth.

    Sadly not I'm Just A Patsy by the Manics though... although it is a great song, it's more Lee Harvey Oswald than Patsy Cline.