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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

After The Lord Mayor's Show #1

We were away at the weekend so I never got a chance to mention the conclusion of the footie.
Congratulations to Portugal. They won ugly but still won and I'm sure that most nations would settle for that.

Over the weekend I picked up a couple of CDs by artists from the two countries who most caught the public's imagination.
Can you guess today's country??
Correct - well done.
This year's annual Catatonia purchase  is their debut from twenty years ago Way Beyond Blue and according to our resident expert on Welsh music The Robster their best.

No prizes for guessing who's featuring tomorrow.

Catatonia - Lost Cat

Catatonia - You've Got a Lot to Answer For


  1. Portugal tomorrow? A Quim Barreras cd?

  2. Their best indeed. I'm unfamilar with the music of Albania, so I'm looking forward to your post tomorrow.

  3. You mean you've never heard of The umlauts? Albania's answer to Tatu?
    You've been missing out.