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Friday 15 July 2016

Vintage Country Vinyl - Hank Williams

My witterings as to the brilliance of Hank Williams is usually reserved for his birthday on New Year's Day.
But really that is too long to wait.
I shamefully currently only have one Hank Williams album on vinyl namely a cheap and cheerful compilation The Very Best of Hank Williams Snr Volume 1.
Please rest assured that Jr will never appear on these pages although III might
Sixteen songs and I could have chosen any of them to feature today such  was the quality of the man.
The quantity and quality of the material he produced before his death at the age of just 29 is simply staggering.
With the possible exception of Dylan the greatest and most influential artist in popular music.
The Hillbilly Shakespeare indeed

More VCV next Friday

Hank Williams - (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle

Hank Williams - I Saw The Light


  1. I'm not a book hoarder (one obsession takes up more than enough space in this house), but I could never part with my first edition copy of 'Hank Williams: The Complete Lyrics', edited by Don Cusic. Spoiler alert - it's my Desert Island Discs book of choice.

  2. So many great songs in short order. Seeing the age of 29 typed in your post is jaw dropping.