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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

True Confessions

True Confessions time - I have only played the Undertones once before on CCM and that was of course Teenage Kicks taken from some compilation or other.
It is not because I have not wanted to play the Derry urchins who came from nowhere with the energy of youth to produce some quite brilliant pop songs.
No it is because of Feargal Sharkey.
Why so you ask. Well I'll leave it to our dear friend and international man of letters Dirk to explain as only he can.

The Undertones - True Confessions

The Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy


  1. Truely great tunes CC. And I agree to the reason Dirk will explain

  2. Shark eye is a complete fud.

  3. I met the Undertones once outside the Glasgow Apollo after being thrown out of their concert by some bouncers that caught ma and my pal trying to skip down to the stalls from the circle. The Undertones were all very sympathetic, well except one...

    Anyway, nice one Dirk.


  4. Have to admit I've probably not understood the issue here, call me thick if you like. Feargal Sharkey in his role circa 2008 or 2013 caused for some blog sites to be taken down because they posted tracks without clearance or attribution or something. As a result there's a reluctance to listen to or post Undertones songs? The Undertones were a band weren't they and not just a backing group for an arsehole lead singer? This alone doesn't stop me wanting to listen to or post any of their killer songs. That said, I'm conflicted here as I've got my own quirky prohibitions for political, commercial and other downright irrational reasons on buying say...Sky products, anything Murdoch related, Daily Mail associated outlets, Mumford and Sons etc etc etc and take daily flak from my family for such opposition. So, what I'm saying is that I've got convictions of my own but what am I misunderstanding about this posting of Undertones tracks?
    Cheers (with a furrowed brow)

    1. You have point there Spence.just because Sharkey is a fud doesn't mean we should deny the world the magnificant music of the Undertones. The same arguement could apply to Bono and U2 if U2 were not shite

  5. Wow. My head has been in the sand. Us yankees can be oblivious to anything that's not yanked. Literally & figuratively. Each Undertones could turn corporate and their music would still be some of my most favorite. I know they meant it when they were singing it so I'm good with that. But Sharkey sounds like a complete dickwad who sold his soul to the Man. I'll bet Kyle Minogue really appreciates Shark-eye keeping her profits on......pfft. One only has to wonder what kind of pop song the seminal Undertones would have written to diss a jerk like Sharkey's become. They would say it good, now wouldn't they..?? Thanks CC and Dirk for enlightening this old Yank.