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Thursday, 7 July 2016


And here was you thinking that you were going to get through the whole week without being subjected to some Americana.
Well you were wrong there.
From 2008 on the Rykodisc label here is a couple of tracks from the first solo album by Gary Louris of The Jayhawks
From a period when the Jays were having a sabbatical he contributed to a couple of albums by Americana super group Golden  Smog before this and a follow up acoustic version..He then got back in tow with Mark Olson for Ready For the Flood.
The Professor of Music at his most mellow

Gary Louris - We'll Get By

Gary Louris - Vagabonds


  1. I'm familiar with some of Mark Olson's solo output, but not Louris'. I should've stuck with Gary, these tunes are great.

  2. So I click on the first song and a tab also opens up inviting me to investigate The League Of Angels, which features two pictures of scantily clad and improbably-busted young women.

    1. That's the downside of Zippy I'm afraid

    2. Anybody out there get the new Jayhawks album? Had it in my hand last week but didn't go through with it. Haven't heard a note either.