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Thursday, 14 July 2016

After The Lord Mayor's Show #2

Yes the country which caught the public's imagination even more than Wales  was of course Iceland. Not Albania Robster, sorry.
And of course you cannot mention Iceland without featuring their most famous citizen Ms Guðmundsdóttir 
I'm avoiding any references to first names as the last time she featured here I got a DMCA notice and the post pulled.
An artist I didn't really get at the time but one I am growing into and gradually collecting the back catalogue with Post the latest acquisition.

Something for the nation to clap about I feel

Army of Me



  1. I've travelled in the opposite direction to you. I loved Sugarcubes and her first 3 or 4 solo records, but have musically completely lost track of her in recent years. Great to hear these tunes again. I'm aware that her later work is much respected - must make the effort to check it out.

    1. I haven't really got beyond the early stuff yet Swede

  2. My fave album is 'Biophilia'. To me, it's the work of a borderline-insane genius. Crystalline in particular is a track that might well cause your brain to melt, especially its closing couple of minutes. Her latest album is very, very highly-rated, but I've had trouble getting into it, probably due to its lower, more subdued mood.

  3. Debut and Post are favourites of mine, love 'em both. I need to og back to BIophilia.