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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Namechecked - Johnny Cash

This series is beginning to cause me some angst.
It's not that I don't have enough material but more that many of the songs I wouild like to feature have been posted before and I am reluctant to post the same songs twice.

For instance with respect to Johnny Cash I have already posted Johnny Cash by Sons and Daughters and Elegy for Johnny Cash by Jackie Leven (albeit that this does not namecheck him directly)
Worry not however as Ry Cooder is always ready to step up to the plate.
I'll have a think and see what I can come up with which may involve bending the rules slightly.

It strikes me that I have probably featured more songs by Johnny Cash than any other artist something that I am not about to apologize for

Ry Cooder - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat


  1. Came here convinced I was going to find 'Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues' by The Godfathers, I didn't know Ry's tune at all - good stuff.
    One can never have too much JC.

  2. I was about to suggest the Godfather's tune, but Swede beat me to it. Great minds....

  3. Alabama 3 also have a song called Johnny Cash

  4. Absolutely no apologies needed, CC. To me, the Mercy Seat is the best of the American Recordings. Hurt is pretty special too.

  5. Have you checked your spreadsheet to see if Johnny Cash is actually your most featured singer?

  6. I was hoping you wouldn't get round to this one too soon as I have a half-completed Top Ten Songs About Johnny Cash that I've been struggling to finish for a few years now. The problem...? Too many good ones to choose from!

    1. Looking forward to it Rol.Consider this a sampler!