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Monday 18 July 2016

The Best Rock Album In The World ... Ever!

As I mentioned in last Tuesday's post I recently acquired disc 1 of The Best Rock Album in the World ... ever! under false pretenses.
I haven't had the courage yet to play it in it's entirety.
However a quick glance at the track listing - (via the internet as the box features the likes of Ain't That a Shame and Blueberry Hill) shows that a couple of the tracks actually past muster.

If it's on the shelves (even temporarily)  it's going on!

Alice Cooper - School's Out

The Who -Won't Get Fooled Again


  1. Just checked the tracklist myself, out of curiosity - ouch! Alice, Who, T.Rex, Kinks, Thin Lizzy all good, then it all goes a bit Pete Tong doesn't it? 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' anyone? On a purely percentage basis you'd have been better off with disc 2. Or better still, the Fats Domino album you actually wanted.

  2. This is a truly awful cover. The music seems better.