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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

The Household Clearance cds. Part 14.


George writes:

Here we go again. Amongst the remaining pile is something called “Anos 90, bem medidos, a melhor música portuguesa da década”. Maybe it is, I wasn’t living here then. Although I’m not sufficiently au fait with portuguese music of Anos 2010s ou Anos 2020s to know the best portuguese music of those years. It’s 2 cd set, 29 tracks, so I’m hoping for a few good tracks. On opening the case, it only has cd 2. So the Xutos e Pontapés track will go unheard (they are the only group I recognise of the 29) Those of you hoping for a Quim Barreiros track are going to be disappointed too, he’s inexplicably absent.

15 tracks. And you might recognise this.

Despe e siga - Bué das baldas

The translation of both artiste and song caused me problems, the song is slang  (the best I can come up with is “big-time slacker”) and the group, I’m not sure of an equivalent english-phrase, possibly  “get the hell out of here”. Enough of embarrassing myself. Having said that, when I went for coffee at Café Chaves the other week I had to explain why I had a big wound on my arm. “I fell over”, “Drunk?”,”No, I fell on a step in the corale”. (The previous day I had been stung by a wasp, and the day after the fall, Parsley pushed me onto a cork tree).

Oh……the album, I gave up on it after track11, skipping through the last few songs.

There’s a Supremes album in the collection, a give-away with a national newspaper, the first three I skip through are live recordings. There’s a Ray Charles album in that same series, I listen to 4 tracks and give up. Then I spy a John Lee Hooker album……

And it has ten tracks that don’t seem to have been re-recorded, remixed or are dreadful live versions, just ten great tracks.

John Lee Hooker - No shoes

A keeper. That’s three in all.

That’s it. Last in the series. There are a few more albums I really do not want to listen to, some more of the Cosmopolitan cd singles that don’t interest me. And a Justin Timberlake cd single. But I have played the ANTILOOK album again, and it’s still sounding good.

As always, thanks to the CC for putting the nonsense on his pages.

CC writes:

In his e-mail with this post George wrote:

That's the last one. I can't bring myself to listen to the remaining cds (Justin Timberlake, Classical Christmas Highlights, Opera Dream (snippets from operas), Trop Hop malarkey, more tedious Depeche Mode songs,.........)

Thanks George

I'm sure you will agree that he has gone above and beyond.

He should get a good crop this year with all those bird scarers.

More hopefully from George once he gets out of therapy.


  1. This series has been a pleasure for us if not for George. Thank you.

    1. ....with free portuguese lessons thrown in as well!

  2. Somebody send George another box of tat to review soon.

    1. I've got shelves and shelves of my own tat, thank you!