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Monday, 29 August 2022

New to Me



I picked up the latest copy of Uncut last week which came with a 15 track CD of new music.

About half of it is pretty good indeed - honourable mentions to Beth Orton, Lambchop and Built to Spill in particular but I have plumped for three others.

Johanna Warren, an American singer and actor is a new name to me . It seems that she has been on the go since 2009 when she went by the name of Sticklips. Her latest album Lessons for Mutants on the Wax Nine label is her 8th album.If Piscean Lover is anything to go by  I shall be looking out for more by her.

Tommy McLain is an American swamp pop rocker who began recording in the 1950s. In August he released I Ran Down Every Dream his first album for 40 years with a number of collaborators including Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello. Although the name didn't ring a bell it turns out that I have a couple of songs by him on the harddrive.

Plains are probably the pick of the bunch and are seemingly a one off project featuring Katie Cruthfield (of Waxahatchee fame) and Jess Williamson. Their album I Walked With You A Ways on the Anti- label is scheduled for release on 14th October. On the strength of Problem With It it has been added to my Christmas list.

Johanna Warren - Piscean Lover

Tommy McLain - Livin' on the Losin' End

Plains - Problem With It


  1. Anything involving Katie Crutchfield is definitely worth my time. The Plains album is eagerly awaited.

  2. Also keen on Plains, but is Tommy technically new to you if you tracks by him already? His version of 'Sweet Dreams' is lined up for a future Single Song Sunday if I ever get round to doing that one.

  3. I have tracks by many acts all of which I haven't necessarily listened to or if I have haven't remembered!

  4. The new Tommy McLain seems to be gaining much anticipation in these parts. Been reading and hearing a lot about it. I’m sure the stable of stars making appearances has much to do with the publicity, but I will be checking that one out. - Brian

    1. Had a listen to it Brian. It put me in mind of the later albums by Solomon Burke