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Wednesday 24 August 2022



 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #38  - Pixies - Bossanova

I think that it is safe to say that my second purchase from Oxfam in Troon could not be more radically different to yesterday's posting of Dean Owens. It would  also be fair to say that Mrs CC is far more impressed with yesterdays offering than todays.

For years I made to with the compilation Death to the Pixies and Trompe le Monde and it was only two years ago that I got round to picking up Doolittle in a charity shop . It looks like I'm getting there gradually with only Surfer Rosa and maybe Come on Pilgrim still required. I'm not sure that any of the later one are necessary.

Bossanova was their third full length studio album from 1990 and was released on 4AD in the UK and Elektra in the US and received pretty positive reviews.

I've gone for the two singles Velouria and Dig for Fire as I am more familiar with them from the compilation.

Pixies - Velouria

Pixies -Dig For Fire


  1. "I'm not sure that any of the later one are necessary."

    I'd argue with that, but I doubt it'd get me anywhere.

  2. I'm with Rol. I gave 'Indie Cindy' a spin the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. A great urchase nonetheless CC.I love the way this album opens - Cecilia Ann > Rock Music > Velouria. Only a shade less impactful than 'Doolittle's opening triptych.

  3. I had my first 'bus pass trip' today with a friend. We went along to Nairn. Using your expeditions as inspiration I visited a couple of charity shops but they were found wanting. Lots of classical CDs and a few by Irish balladeers (you'll know who I mean) but nothing worthy of a purchase.

    Next time we're going to Aviemore - might be luckier there.

    1. That's because CC got there before you and cleared out all the good stuff.

    2. Good stuff Alyson.
      You may be right Rol - I've had successful forays in both Nairn and Aviemore before!

  4. For me, Pixies' last truly great album although there is much to like on Trompe Le Monde, Indie Cindy and Head Carrier (I've not kept up sinve then). The Robster is spot on about the opening three songs, side 1 as a whole is pretty wonderful and I have a real soft spot for Ana as I'm a sucker for acrostics. What a bargain!

  5. I was blown away by Surfa Rosa and Doolittle and yet, though I bought Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde my interest in them as regards new stuff faded pretty quickly - having a family might have been something to do with it although I managed to pick up on loads of other new bands at that time. Still followed Black Francis through his various name changes down the years tho'. The two Pixies gigs I saw circa '89 were sensational though.