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Thursday, 4 August 2022

The Delgados - BBC Sessions


I was pleasantly surprised to see a copy of The Delgados BBC Sessions in the Wigtown Emporium and needless to say I quickly pounced.

It was released on the Strange Fruit label in 1997 at which time only the bands debut album Domestiques had been released.Five of the fourteen songs from the album feature.

The CD consists of 11 tracks recorded over 5 sessions. 5 of the 11 appear on 2 sessions for John Peel on 05/03/95 and 23/04/96 all of which also appear on The Complete Peel Sessions released by Chemikal Underground in 1996.

Therefore it appears only fair that we concentrate on the other three sessions with one song from each.

In date order and the order they appear on the CD these are

  • Acoustic Session for BBC Scotland's Jump the Q from 07/08/95
  • Mark Radcliffe Live Session 10/07/96
  • Mary Ann Hobbs Live Acoustic Session 22/10/96
I think that may be the first time in over a year that I have used bullet points. The joys of retirement!

I have my ticket for their "comeback concert" at the Barrowlands in January next year and am really looking forward to it. I've only ever seen them live once before at the Garage in 2005 which I think may well have been the last time that they played in Glasgow.


  1. Bullet points?! When you begin to prepare a presentation for an upcoming post, you'll know it's time for another holiday, CC.

    I enjoyed the first two songs but in another possibly work-related move, I was met with "Access Denied" for the third. Is the informal first stage of a disciplinary procedure?

    1. Should be sorted now Khayem

    2. Many thanks, CC, does that mean I won't be facing a final written warning after all? :-)

  2. We will discuss that at your next appraisal!

  3. I approve of the use of bullet points. Would also like to see a powerpoint as a downloadable attachment

  4. When it comes to the Delgados I'm afraid I'm stuck in time, hold my hands up and say I haven't really got past Pull The Wires From The Wall. I just remember being gobsmacked how totally wonderful that track was when I first heard it on Peel. It's one of those rare tracks post format change that made it into 2 separate Festive 50s - #27 in '98 and #1 the following year. I've got Peloton, Hate and The Great Eastern but haven't played 'em in 20 years. Time (if I can find it enough of it) to revisit. I know it's a negative thought but I feel I'm going to be disappointed. Let's see.