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Wednesday, 3 August 2022

The Household Clearance cds. Part 12.


George writes:

Back again. I got fed up listening to someone else’s crap albums, so I listened to my own for a few weeks. I almost gave up on the series, but I did not want to let my fans down. So I’m back! Which reads rather strangely as the previous instalment in the series appeared here last week (three weeks ago - Ed)

First out is a cd single by The Sugababes. I was hoping for something up-beat and catchy. I got 4 dreary ballads. I’m not polluting the pages with any of them, I value my friendship with Charity Chic too much for that. I’m actually disappointed with the cd, I really thought there’d be a good pop song on it. It was the first time I had knowingly listened to the Sugababes I think.

Next out was a sleeve only, and I really was thankful for that, as it’s a tribute to Abba, with cover versions from that film Mamma Mia.

Then I found the cd…………..I play the first two tracks then decided life is too short to play any more. So after two truly terrible choices I pull out this:

Now, dear reader, I was not hopeful. I steer clear from people wearing hats and thrusting their arms out, fingers splayed, and I’m tempted to do so with an album that not only has a photo of such a person but is also un-promisingly titled Party Non-Stop. The first song is annoyingly high-tempo techno-dance nonsense, the second song is bizarrely similar, and after those two I’d had enough.

I realise I am failing you all (failing you both??) by my negativity (it won’t even pull me through), and it’s going to get worse, I am now going ignore the original premise of unseeingly picking out two cds and will pick out a handful of cds at a time in the vain hope I can find something worth posting……….

Jesus wept, look at the next one.

Is there such a word as unseeingly? 

And finally, some music. About time too. Deliberately chosen so that I could post a track. And man alive, blasting through the B&Ws this is a welcome and splendid relief. From a cd single

Lenny Kravitz - always on the run 

From the cd single Always

Another one next week

CC writes:

Readers I'm not sure that his heart is still in this. But like the trooper he is he is soldiering on.

I think that we have probably had worse than the Sugarbabes.


  1. You were out of luck with the Sugababes- some of their singles are top stuff (Freak Like Me and Push The Button especially)

  2. You got two tracks further into Party Non-Stop than I would have.