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Tuesday 23 August 2022




 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #37 - Dean Owens - Cashback -Songs I Learned from Johnny

We had a  family meal in the Ayrshire coastal town of Troon last week and I managed a quick visit to Oxfam where a couple of purchases were duly made. 

As you can see from the picture above one was Cashback - Songs I Learned from Johnny by Scottish Americana artist Dean Owens from 2012 and on Drumfire Records

In rthe sleevenotes Dean describes how Johnny Cash has always been there in the background of my life a sentiment I'm sure that many of us can identify with. He further goes on to describe how he never took Johnny's music too seriously until the first American Recording album.

I can pretty much relate to that too although I was already a fan of his Sun stuff and the Folsom and San Quentin Prison albums.

It is an album of Cash covers and songs that Dean feels that he learnt from Johnny given a Celtabilly feel.And for good measure he throws in  one of his own .

Deano had slipped off my radar by this time and I wouldn't say that this is necessarily one of his best. However there is no doubt that it is a heartfelt and genuine tribute to the great man.

Dean Owens -Give My Love to Rose

Dean Owens - Delia's Gone

Dean Owens - The Night Johnny Cash Played San Quentin

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