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Tuesday 16 August 2022

It Took a Lost Weekend in a Hotel in Amsterdam


When I featured Rattleskins  Rattlesnakes on the Vinyl and CD series the other week I confessed that I had also not featured anything  before from Easy Pieces the second album by Lloyd Cole & the Commotions from 1985 on Polydor.

There seemed to be a bit of love for it out there for it particularly from regular Friday night correspondent Spence.

I had said that I would get round to featuring it sooner rather than later and given that I am a man of my word here it is.

It continues in the same rich vein of form as Rattlesnakes and whereas it is maybe not quite as good as its predecessor (let's face it very few albums are) it still throws up some absolute bangers.

I dusted it down for a listen or rather gave it a good clean as it has been a while and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Did you know that Lloyd was from Buxton and grew up in Chapel-en-le-Frifth? He now stays in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Why I Love Country Music

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Lost Weekend


  1. Almost as good as Rattlesnakes. Can’t give a better compliment than that. - Brian

  2. I did not know that.

    Lloyd isn't a fan of this album. That's why it's out of print, never been reissued.

  3. I defy anyone to go to Amsterdam and not have Lost Weekend as an earworm for the duration.

  4. What a stonkingly tremendous album - so many great tracks. Just had a look at the Wiki entry for it and found this comment "Unlike the widespread praise for Rattlesnakes, the reception for Easy Pieces was noticeably cooler. Melody Maker felt that "these songs and their performances sound second-hand. The music is mushy and lacks edges, keyboards brought forward to dilute the guitars. Cole's lyrics sound as though they were written to fit the metre rather than to say anything." To which all I can say is... Music journalists. Ha! That was Adam Sweeting by the way. Shame on you Adam