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Friday, 5 August 2022

Swedefest -Deadstring Brothers


This is the only one of the CDs that The Swede very generously gave me in Edinburgh that I already had.

The Deadstring Brothers CD came in a cardboard envelope about an inch taller than a CD jewel case. It is a promo from Times Beach Records for their self titled debut album which was scheduled for release on 9th September 2003. 

The blurb sticker on the back from Team Clairmont reads Think Gram Parsons meets Hank Williams at Nick Cave's house for a drink or three. 

They are a Detroit band so this explains why there are also quotes from Real Detroit Weekly (their songs conjure images of big southern skies, rolling plains,rust-colored dirt and heartache) and Metro Times, Detroit (this Country - Americana combo is as piquant as it is authentic).

The Americana comment is fairly accurate but to me the main comparison is to the Rolling Stones and Exile on Main St.

I saw them in the old Stereo pub in Glasgow's Kelvinhaugh St and they were very good indeed. I bought the album  there and had it signed by the band. I'm not sure if you can make them out on the second CD pictured.

They quickly signed to Bloodshot which was a good fit and where they were active up until 2014 releasing another 4 albums and then a Best Of after they split. I only have their second one 2005's Starving Winter Report which I picked up second hand fairly recently. It is not bad but not a patch on this one.

At the moment I am thinking of holding on to the two versions pictured above

Deadstring Brothers - I'm Not a Stealer

Deadstring Brothers - Lay Me Down

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  1. I ummed and ahhed about it for a while before eventually adding it to the CC pile. I enjoyed listening to it again, but realised that I probably hadn't played it more than a couple of times since picking it up in the mid-noughties. Looks like it's gone to a good home!