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Saturday, 20 August 2022

Songs for Swingin' Saturdays


I used to have a copy of the Frank Sinatra classic Songs for Swingin' Lovers but it disappeared somehow, somewhere along the way.

Therefore I was pretty happy to pick up a copy of the 1960 re-issue of the album originally released on the Capitol label in 1956 for a couple of quid in the Whithorn pop up shop. As you would expect for an album of this age there is a bit of snap,crackle and pop. It is however in remarkably good condition for its age and any surface noise just adds to the attraction.

Widely recognised as his best album,or if not his second best after In the Wee Small Hours, this is Old Blue Eyes at his absolute prime with the musical arrangements courtesy of Nelson Riddle. It was rightly the first album ever to top the UK Album charts

Nothing more to say really. I'll let the music do the talking.

Frank Sinatra -It Happened in Monterey

Frank Sinatra -I've Got You Under My Skin


  1. Is Nelson related to Jimmy do you think?

  2. My flatmate in our '80s abode had this album and I borrowed it heavily. Love this era of Frank, and as has been said many times, his phrasing is just perfect.

  3. Great album. Although In The Wee Small Hours takes some beating.

  4. Love it! Back in my blogging days I always wished I had done a Sinatra Saturdays series. I have a few dozen albums and could have kept it going for years. In 1987, I bought a cheap CD comp of his years at Capitol and got completely hooked. By the early '90s I had all but given up on pop music, and Frank became my go to listen. From 1953 to 1960, his work is unimpeachable. I have a particular obsession with the booming brass on the albums he did with Billy May, but it's difficult to argue against anything he did with Nelson Riddle too. Thanks for the post. I now have my weekend listening lined up.

    1. "Back in my blogging days" made me very sad. No chance of a return, Brian?

    2. Well, never say never, but it has been almost a year and haven't been inspired yet. Enjoy reading the blogs as much as ever, however. I thank you for your efforts.