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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Split Lip Rayfield


Other than a post marking their demise it has been a wee while since I have played anything from Bloodshot Records.
It is even longer since I have played anything by Wichita, Kansas band Split Lip Rayfield -10th September 2013 to be precise as part of my Bloodshot Tuesday series one of the first series on this blog

Never Make it Home (Bloodshot BS 068) from February 2001 is their third album but the only one of theirs on the shelves.There is a bluegrass base to their music but it is none of that stuffy and earnest bluegrass that you often hear. They are (fortunately) no Alison Krauss and Union Station or Nickel Creek

The band consisted of Kirk Rundstrom (Guitar and vocals), Wayne Gottstine (Mandolin and vocals),Eric Mardis (banjo and vocals) and Jeff Eaton (Gas Tank Bass, vocals and crucially Kazoo) The name was inspired by a person who went to school with Eaton's parents who acquired the nickname Split Lit due to constant chapped lips

Sadly Kirk Rundstrom died following esophagael cancer in February 2007. The band continued but have only released two further records in 2008 and 2017

Split Lip Rayfield - Never Make It Home

Split Lip Rayfied - Movin' to Virginia


  1. "stuffy and earnest", you are putting it too kindly. They are also a bit tame and dreary.These two tracks are very good! I've just checked my spreadsheet and I am rather surprised that this album does not feature. Off to Bandcamp!

  2. Fabulous to hear Split Lip Rayfield again. Their 1998 self-titled debut was a favourite in my shop at the time. I'm sorry to belatedly learn of Kirk Rundstrom's early passing.