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Thursday 19 May 2022

Hear Comes a Riddle, Here Comes a Clue

I played 77 the debut album by Talking Heads for the first time in ages the other day and what a fantasic album it is too. 11 tracks ,just under 20 minutes per side and not a duff note  let alone track anywhere.

45 years old for goodness sake  and still as fresh as a daisy - just like the picture of Martina Weymouth (as she was billed then),Jerry Harrison, David Byrne and Chris Frantz on the back cover

It set a very high bar which the next three albums More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music and Remain in Light and not forgetting the live albums The Name of This Band is Talking Heads and  the brilliant Stop Making Sense just about managed to  live up to.

After that it was a case of diminishing returns for the final 5 albums although Speaking in Tongues and Little Creatures still have their moments.

Here are the first tracks from both sides. I could have chosen any of the 11 and they would have been equally as good.

Talking Heads - Uh - Oh, Love Comes to Town

Talking Heads - The Book I Read


  1. Much better than the absolute drivel posted here yesterday

  2. Thank you Parsley.A goat of impeccable taste.

  3. "45 years old for goodness sake and still as fresh as a daisy" - it certainly is. I bought it when it came out, so needless to say I'm not either of those things :D

  4. Amazing how this record continues to inspire young bands to this day.

  5. Absolute stonker - the only Talking Heads album I really like - this one and a Best Of is all you need
    (says me in my un-intellectual luddite manner)

  6. For me, More Songs About Buildings and Food is better by a whisker, but I love both albums dearly. Absolutely essential.

  7. One of the albums that helped shape my love of music! The Book I Read is among my favorite songs by any band/artist.

  8. A fine pair- that first album is overlooked (apart from Psycho Killer) and is such a great record.

  9. Seeing Echorisch's comment reminds me of this excellent contribution to a long-running series.