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Sunday 22 May 2022

Albums on both Vinyl and CD - Standing on a Beach


New series alert.

My recent CD purchase of Combat Rock plus my on-going cataloguing has highlighted that there are a number of albums on the shelves which I have in both vinyl and CD format.I've not counted them but I think that there are in excess of 30 which should make for a reasonable series that shouldn't involve too much work on my part. Also they cover a variety of formats which is good and I will  post them in a reasonably random way

It some cases there may well be a rational explanation as to why there are two copies and if so I shall share that with you. In a few cases there will be no explanation that I can think of and that will be fine too.

Let's start then with Standing on a Beach-The Singles by The Cure from 1985 on the Fiction label. It does what it says on the tin -13 singles from between 1978 and 1985 on the vinyl album and 17 on the CD. For some that would be a good enough reason to acquire both but not in this case.

I'm not 100% sure on this one but I think the vinyl came from a pile belonging to Mrs CC and her sister when her mum was moving house. I think that the CD also came from Mrs CC's sister (suggesting that she was the fan)  as I got their CD collection when they went digital. I'm beginning to sound a bit like George there in acquiring other people's records.

For the record I quite like the Cure but I've never got round to picking up anything by them and these two versions of Staring at the Sea will probably suffice.

More next Sunday

The Cure -Charlotte Sometimes

The Cure - In Between Days


  1. In Between Days is a good way to kick off a Sunday

  2. May I recommend the trifecta? The B-side of the cassette version actually contained the B-sides from the 13 singles. Yes, they crammed 25 songs on one tape. I have it packed away in the garage somewhere.

    1. You've alway got to go one better Brian!🙂

    2. I agree with Brian! The double play cassette was my first proper introduction to the breadth of The Cure's back catalogue at the time. Unfortunately it belonged to my brother so I still had to make to with a slightly cut down version that I was able to cram onto a C90.

  3. Seconded that you need the cassette version for a complete picture.
    Elvis Costello's Girls Girls Girls is another where you need all 3 formats to get all the tracks

  4. Any original vinyl by The Cure fetches decent sums on the second-hand market these days. £25 for Standing On A Beach.