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Thursday 12 May 2022

Golden Mile


The second album that I picked up from the Wigtown Emporium was Golden Mile the third album by pub rockers Kursaal Flyers released in 1976 on CBS.

Given the discount I effectively got this album for nothing and there is perhaps an argument that I was over charged.. I bought it on the basis that it included their only single that troubled the charts namely Little Does She Know from November 1976 which spent 10 weeks in the charts peaking at number 14.
The rest of the album is not much cop although a reviewer on Amazon described it as  one of the classiest and most diverse pop albums of the 1970s

They were from Souithend-on- Sea  and named after an amusement arcade with  their earlier stuff having been described as having more of a country rock feel to it .They were led by singer Paul Shuttleworth.

A couple of fun facts. The album was produced by Mike Batt of Wombles fame. The band's drummer and one of their main songwriters Will Burch subsequently wrote the excellent No Sleep Till Canvey Island - the Great Pub Rock Revolution and more recently Cruel to be Kind the biography of Nick Lowe.

Here is a more detailed blurb about the band


  1. I've heard worse

    1. All the music posted here is very good. Apart from today's that is. I especially like the wednesday series, it is well written and occasionally amusing.

    2. These keyboard warriors who hide behind a cloak of anonymity!

  2. Always had a soft spot for the Kursaals, admittedly on very limited listening experience. Little Does She Know is a stone cold pop classic, then there's Cruisin' For Love, A Former Tour De Force Is Forced To Tour and Girls That Don't Exist. Those alone will do for me